The Treasure Within (book)

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Subtitle: A Swimmer’s Logbook

Author: Kevin DeForrest

A rare copy of the book, The Treasure Within, A Swimmer’s Logbook by Kevin DeForrest, is going to be valuable!

Book by Kevin DeForrest. Published by the Sports Support Syndicate and given to all the participants of the Pacific Swim Coaches Clinic hosted by NorCal Swim Shop in the mid 1990s.

Dive into live like a swimmer. Keeping this journal / logbook builds Four-Part Harmony, Freedom, Responsibility, Self-Discovery and allows ample space for Reflections and Projections. log covers ten three-week-periods.

Seasoned heavily with quotes on personal philosophy, this book has been field tested with swimmer at the University of Illinois and Penn State.

In 1983, Kevin was the fastest swimmer in the world.

Author formerly resided in St. Louis and presently is in Colorado.

  • page length: 182
  • cover price: $25
  • format: 8.25 inches x 10.75 inches, paperback
  • isbn: 1-878602-87-X
  • bookstore sections(s): Diaries, Philosophy, Sports
  • publication date: 1995
  • out of print

Review from Swim Magazine and the 1996 January / February edition, page 39

Review written by Wayne McCauley

This book will appeal to many Masters swimmers who need a better way to focus on their goals. Kevin DeForrest, a top Masters swimmers, uses self discovery and self awareness techniques to develop not only the swimmer within but the whole person. His use of Four Part Harmony model for life may appeal to many. Throughout the book are page upon page of inspirational quotations, from Einstein, Lao Tzu, and the Bible to Kermit the Frog. There are ten essays in the book covering many different topics not specifically related to Masters swimming.

The author believes all things are connected. He uses goal setting and goal sheets that are swimming specific, combining these goals with a one week record of daily events. The goal sheets and weekly logs are designed for you to write in the book. Each week you reflect on the data from the log sheets and determine lessons learned and objectives achieved.

Other versions of the book scheduled for release are hardcover, spiral binding and audio and computer disk formats. But a good review of a swim video or book focuses on the ideas that are expressed, not the packaging. The ideas contained in The Treasure Within make it an important asset to have and use.

Back cover quote:

“Someone comes to the seashore. Seeing nothing but turbulent water, crocodiles and fish, he says: “Where are the pearls? Perhaps there are no pearls.’ How is one to obtain a pearl merely by looking at the sea? Even if one measures the sea, cup by cup, a hundred times over, the pearls will not be found. One must be a diver in order to discover pearls; and not every diver will find them, only a fortunate skillful one.”

Source: Signs of the Unseen. The Discourses of JaLaluddin Ruon


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